Mesopotamia Delicatessen

Cradle of Cuisines 

Our Story

Let us take you on a culinary journey to awaken the mystery of the of the exotic spices of the Old World.....
Starting from the high mountains of Babylon where Noah's Ark landed....
Exploring the secrets of the Cradle of Cuisines....
Through the valleys of Mesopotamia.....
Sailing with Sinbad in the rivers of Tigris and Euphrates....
Reaching Adam's tree where Adam and Eve gave birth to the world's first meal.
Shaymaa's Story:
On my graduation day, Hummam said to me "tomorrow we start selling sandwiches".
We began with chicken, pickles, and some homemade mayonnaise, and sold twenty-seven sandwiches.
Within three months, we expanded to twelve different varieties making about a thousand sandwiches a day.
Thus our Delicatessen was born.

Hummam's Story:

One day, when I was thirteen, my brother had an emergency in his restaurant.

None of the chef's showed up on opening day.

And so I had to learn to cook quickly, and I just never stopped!

And now we bring our passion to you here in Richmond. Our Delicatessen offers the finest, authentic made-from-scratch meals and groceries from our home in Iraq, and beyond.