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One day soon, I might leave my loved ones behind and attempt to elope with the beets from Mesopotamia Delacatessian. I do not know where in the world will perform a human-root vegetable marriage, but it is my dream that eventually our love can be legally recognized

Afton.T- 10.6.2016 -Yelp

Approximately 5 years ago, America as a whole, and VA in particular, became a better place because a wonderful Iraqi couple graced our land with their presence. Humam, (sorry if misspelled), opened up this fine food establishment 9 months ago, and one could easily drive by and not give another thought to it. Alas, one would be remiss if one did.
Suffice it to say that IF you are in the Short Pump area for ANYTHING, skip the mall food court, or any of the places you been to, and find this very mildly-off the beaten S.P. path-place.

David J. - 1.06.2016 - Yelp